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Todd + Sarah

October 15, 2019

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Married Oct. 5, 2019

I never knew how dreamy Western Kentucky University’s campus is, but I sure do now. We had an amazing time capturing Sarah and Todd’s special day here last week, taking pics everywhere from the school’s quaint, little chapel to a bridge spanning an old Civil War trench to a rustic log cabin called The Faculty House. Even I, an EKU graduate, had to admit it was stunning, just such a stunningly pretty place.

Fittingly, Todd works on campus and Sarah went to college there. They are a sweet couple who are parents to six children they lovingly refer to as their Brady Bunch. Todd has 9-year-old twin boys and an older daughter, Sarah has two daughters and, together, they have a little boy. All of the kids made sure the day was extra special and filled with energy.

Before the ceremony, we did a First Look, which I love capturing because it’s always so emotional. Sarah’s dress, which reminded me of old Hollywood glamor, was made for spinning in, and she paired it with a blush-pink veil studded with tiny sequins. She looked gorgeous.

The ceremony took place in the little chapel, which Sarah’s mom had decorated so beautifully. Seriously, this woman should be a professional decorator; everyone kept saying that. Everything was really simple but so elegant. She’d placed candles everywhere, really creative touches featuring everything from an Underwood typewriter to clumps of moss, and she’d used white pumpkins that she’d hollowed out and then stuffed with white and silver-green flowers. I love that idea.

After the reception, we went to a bridge over a romantic walkway (it used to be an old military trench dug by the Confederates during the Civil War — how neat is that?). We took husband and wife photos there and amidst several buildings on campus. Afterward, we made our way to the reception at The Faculty House. Again, everything was so tastefully decorated, and the food was delicious. They toasted with champagne.

Actually, one of the best parts of the night was when the maid of honor gave her toast. She told us about when Sarah had first seen Todd at her apartment complex and thought he was so hot! Haha! After their first date, the maid of honor texted Sarah to see how it had gone. “I’m going to marry this man,” Sarah had replied.

The maid of honor was able to retrieve that very same text from so long ago and took a picture of it, which she showed to everyone at the wedding.

I thought that was so cute. And it’s so true that you just know instantly; you just know you’re going to marry someone when you meet the right one. When I met Jeremy, I knew he was the one for me. I loved being reminded of that.

So thanks, Sarah and Todd, for a beautiful day on campus. And congratulations to you and your Brady Bunch!


Wedding sources

Ceremony | Chandler Memorial Chapel

Reception| The Faculty House

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Dress | David’s Bridal

Caterer | The Faculty House

Cake | JD Bakery

Hair + Makeup |

Rentals | Born in a Barn KY

Associate Photographers | Autumn Robinson + Becca Graham

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Film Lab | Photovisions


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